Dot24 is the fastest free classified website for buyers and sellers in South Africa. We officially launched in 2022 for a business opportunity to keep helping users sell their products online. The Dot24 is a secure platform with features you need to boost your business or service. 


How do I buy safely?

Safety is everything to us. And here’s how to experience a safe transaction…


If you’re buying

  • This might seem simple, but it can’t be said enough - always meet the seller in person in a public place, like at a mall or a coffee shop


  • Only hand over the money once you’re happy with what you’re buying


  • Whatever you do, don’t buy before you try - always examine the item and then pay for it

And please, be careful






Even if the deal seems too good to say no to, and the seller isn’t in your city – you still need to say no. It’s better and quicker rather to find a seller in your town. There are loads out there, you need to see them.




We’re all about connecting buyers and sellers. We’re only about connecting buyers and sellers. We aren’t in any position to handle or facilitate any money exchange. So, please, be careful when handing over payment.




And if the seller doesn’t live in your city, try finding another seller nearby. It’s safer and easier.

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