General Posting Rules



Dot24 is a family platform and we want to ensure that our content is clean, friendly, and usable for everyone. 




Some things are just non-negotiable. These rules are some of them:



  • We only accept ads in English and Afrikaans.


  • All items, products, and services that break the law are strictly prohibited. This is pretty serious! If you're unsure, please see the list of items we do not allow on Dot24.



If you're a business and offering finance, we need the following information:



  • VAT Certificate (if a non-VAT vendor, then a copy of the owner's ID is acceptable)


  • Company letter letterhead


  • Company registration document


  • Bank confirmation letter - Less than 3 months old


  • This information can be provided either in the description of your ad, or you can send these details to the Dot24 Support team ([email protected]) to add the information to your profile. 



Uploading images that have been used in other active ads are picked up as duplicate images by our system and will result in your ad being auto-rejected. Please make sure that all your ads are uploaded using different images. 



  • Photos shouldn't have any watermarks on them.


  • Make sure that your photos are suitable and appropriate to the item, product, or service being advertised.


  • No stock images are allowed in all categories unless you're a buyer posting an ad looking for a particular item, or you're posting in the Jobs category and vacation rentals sub-category. In the vacation rentals sub-category, images from the Club Mykonos website may not be used.


  • All items and services must be available in South Africa only! 


  • Please make sure you use the phone number field when adding your contact details. You may only include your contact number in the description of your ad in the Services, Jobs, Property & Vehicles categories.


  • All ads must be clear, factual, and not offensive in any way. 


  • Only one Dot24 account per user is allowed. Creating multiple accounts for the sole purpose of duplicating ads is not permitted.


  • Ads must be posted in the correct or most relevant category. 


  • No website links to other property/job/classified or auction sites, and such other sites as we may deem to be inappropriate.


  • We do not allow URLs in the title of your ad, however, you may add a URL in the description of your ad as long as it's a link to additional information or to a page with more pictures. We do not allow links that are designed solely to redirect traffic to another website, or to link you to a page with an alternate contact method - this includes Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook handles.


  • Duplicate ads are not cool or allowed.


  • You may not copy other user ads, your ad must be original.


  • Language must be appropriate. No vulgar language or profanity is allowed.



In addition, we have specific posting rules for specific categories:



  • Rules for posting in Vehicles




We have started improving our security on the Dot24 site to ensure that all our users have the best and safest experience when it comes to high-value items like vehicles. 




Below are a set of guidelines that we encourage you to follow to ensure that your ad has no issues passing our moderation process.




Always provide accurate information such as mileage, and if the car has accident damage.




Typically, most vehicles on Dot24 sell for under the retail value. Please make sure that your vehicle is reasonably priced.  Ads with prices that are way below the second-hand market value, without any disclaimers, will not be approved. 




We do not allow vehicles to be sold without papers - the papers must also be in the name of the Vehicle seller. Vehicles need to be South African registered.




No stock images are allowed. Images must be relevant to the vehicle you're advertising. Images may not be taken from other websites. 




As per the National Credit Act (NCA), users are not allowed to create adverts that contain prohibited statements including statements such as "blacklisted clients welcome”, “blacklisted and listed we can help”, “blacklisted approved, no credit checks required, free credit" or any wording that has substantially the same meaning. All advertisements for credit from publishers, advertisers, services, and credit providers must comply with the National Credit Act. Ads in contravention of these terms will not be accepted. ITC clearance services are also prohibited on Dot24



  • Specific posting rules for Jobs




With such a high demand for jobs nowadays, we want to make sure that our users can find their dream jobs quickly, easily, and most importantly, safely! 




We want to make sure that the job offers posted on Dot24 are legitimate.  Below are a few necessary requirements to comply with if you have an amazing job opportunity on offer:




If you post an offer for formal employment, you need to use an active, legitimate business domain. We do not allow job postings using general email addresses, such as Gmail, Webmail, Hotmail, etc. The moderation team will remove any ads which do not comply and our user support team may request information from you to validate any information you may or may not have stipulated.




All job agencies must post their ads using an active business domain. 




If you're posting an ad as a private individual looking to hire a nanny or domestic help, you will be able to use your personal email address. 




We do not allow "multi-level marketing jobs" from individuals using general email addresses.  




We do not allow pyramid selling or multi-level marketing schemes. 




We do not accept postings that contain links to other websites that offer the user job posting facilities.




We do not accept postings that advertise for models or actors (either male or female) using generic (Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, etc) email accounts and/or mobile phone numbers. These posters must include a registered agency email address and landline phone number.




We do not accept adverts for Escort/Adult industry work.




We do not accept job adverts for medical trials of any kind.




All "work from home" job offers must be posted using a business domain while also meeting all other job policy requirements.




We do not allow discrimination in terms of Race, Gender, Sex, Pregnancy, Marital status, Ethnic or social origin, Colour, Sexual orientation, Age, Disability, Religion, Conscience, Belief, Culture, Language, birth; or any other grounds of discrimination.




Jobs may not be offered to or by a minor. 




All job offers, except jobs, offers for domestic work, au pair, gardener, or personal bodyguard, require a legitimate business name, a legitimate business email address, and a legitimate business landline. 




Stock images are allowed!



  • Posting rules for Pets




For domestic animals, the following rules apply:




No stock images are allowed. Images may not be taken from other websites




Breeding of dogs and cats is allowed for registered breeders only. Please make sure that you include your breeder registration number in the description of your ad.




Age restrictions apply for certain types of pets advertised and animals must have reached a certain age before being advertised on Dot24




Dogs and Cats: must be at least 8 weeks old when sold or adopted. Their current age, date of birth, and age of release must be included in the description of the ad




Rabbits: must be at least 6 weeks old when sold or adopted




Guinea Pigs: must be at least 4 weeks old when sold or adopted




Mice and Rats: must be at least 4 weeks old when sold or adopted. (Note: sale of mice as pet food is prohibited)




Birds: All birds must be fully self-sufficient at the time of rehoming and this must be stated in the ad




If for any reason our moderation team has reason to believe that the pets are in fact younger than specified, it may be removed by our moderation team




We don't allow ads that offer or want animals for swap or trade




All dogs, puppies, cats, or kittens must include a minimum price of R100; free-to-home listings will not be permitted.




We don't allow ads for pregnant animals (including livestock)




All pet ads must state the exact breed/crossbreed/species of animal advertised. With crossbreeds, please include as much information as possible




Docked tail and cropped ear pets are not allowed on Dot24, this is a prohibited practice and Dot24 does not accept ads of this nature




We don't allow ads that make reference to "racing dogs", "game dogs" or "game bloodlines".




We don't allow ads for "conditioning" equipment for dogs, such as hunting jackets or shock collars.




For exotic animals, the following rules apply: 




Advertisements offering or requesting the sale of exotic animals are not permitted on Dot24. These include but are not limited to; Lemurs, Loris, Bush Babies, Marmosets, Capuchins, and other monkeys. 




Indigenous animals that are not legal for sale cannot be advertised on Dot24. This includes the following:




African penguins (endangered - critical red list)




Any species of venomous or dangerous spiders/scorpions.








Cockatoos, Macaws, African Greys and birds of prey or birds requiring permits




Caracal and Serval








Coati Mundi












Dangerous large predators (e.g. lions, tigers, pumas, etc.)








Duiker, impala, springbok, eland












Freshwater crayfish








Indian mynahs








Mallard ducks (Invasive species – NEM BIODIVERSITY ACT 10 -2004)








Moles, okapi, oribi (endangered - critical red list)








Muscovy ducks












Pigs that are advertised as being "teacups"




Poisonous animals








Reptiles (ALL)




Shrews, otters (vulnerable list)








Snakes - All breeds








Sugar gliders




Sun conure












Tortoises and turtles




Vertebrate feeder animals (live or frozen)








Wolves, timber wolves, dingos, coyotes, or hybrids thereof








Rules for posting in Services




The "Services" sections are for businesses and commercial organizations to post ads advertising their services and not their individual products.




All massage services must:




not have explicit or nude photos. We recommend you use business logos.




state that you're not offering a sexual service. 




Tantric or sensual massages are not allowed on Dot24.




To avoid spam and to improve the quality of our user experience, we no longer allow the following services offered:




Wendy houses and steel shed installations.




DSTV repair or installations.




All photos must be relevant to the service being advertised. No stock images are allowed.




All ads must contain a contact number.


Ads offering insurance are only allowed if posted using an active business domain and/or include an active business landline number.


Ads offering financial services, i.e. personal loans are required to provide Dot24 with a VAT registration number for verification purposes. 




We do not allow the following services to be advertised on Dot24: 




Mileage/odometer correction services.




Unblocking/flashing/hacking/cracking or chipping gaming consoles.




Jailbreak - the process of removing limitations on iOS through the use of software and hardware exploits.




Unlocking reported/stolen phones.




Black magic, voodoo, muti, or "bring back your lost lover".




Traditional healers offering to help cure ailments, winning the lottery, etc.


auctioning off items or products.









All ads that violate any terms of use or rules as posted in this section, may be removed from our platform. 

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